a 38-year-old guy from the United Kingdom

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"They all gazed upon Socrates, as he looked up and said... I drank what?" - Chris Knight (Val Kilmer) Real Genius 1985

I am a screenwriter by trade, though I have tackled a number of short stories that I have played around with (not submitted them either). I hail from the outskirts of London, England, studied creative writing and acting in New York, and have written comics before I started my own film company and write screenplays.

Personally, reading and writing are what I enjoy, but movies are my passion. I enjoy activities like basketball, martial arts, frequent my local bar with friends, visit clubs and I fence.

Learning to collaborate with others is sometihng I am interested in. I have written a script once with a friend and it was an amazing experience, and now, I want to learn more about this art. I have a thirst for knowledge.

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