a 22-year-old chick from Scotland, Livingston., United Kingdom

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"The day has eyes, the night has ears.". I just love it...

Hello there. My name is Ashleigh. I'm 15 and currently live in Scotland , Near Edinburgh. I'm a family of 7. I am the youngest. I have my 3 oldest sisters and 1 big brother...along with nephews and neices ect.. Anyways. I first began to write at the age of 11. My second oldest sister is a fantastic writter and poet. Shes a really strong minded person and she inspired me to becone a Author. Poetics do run in my family. But Like I've said.. I'm more a story wittier. I really wanna become a Author. I don't know exactly how I'm actually gonna get over the river towards the path to succees. I just hope to god when I grow up and I can look back and say I've finally achieved what I've always wanted to make for myself.

I really do love writting stories as well as reading them. It's more of a escape from this hard working world. But life is just a hard working thing I guess?. Yes, it is.

I also love seeing peoples faces when they read a few lines of my stories. It really makes my day just to hear how it makes people feel. To elder people my stories may be consderd  "common" or "perdictable". But I'm sorry, too me they are my escape from my surroundings. So just everyone do me a favour.. & smile & I'll smile back.

Love. Ashleigh xxx

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