a 31-year-old gentleman from New Delhi, India

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"I have lot many, love to use them in my stories, rather than putting here!"


I m a Research Scholar doing My Phd work in Immunology. Since Phd thesis requires lot of patience and hard work, i wanted to indulge in some relaxing and creative pursuits like writing. Whenever i get time, i talk to ppl, observe them, get some inspiration and start writing. It gives me a great pleasure, coz i play god and live life according to my rules through the shades and characters of my protagonist. I am a huge fan of paulo coehlo and his style of writing. Naturally my writings are hugely influenced by his sense of observation about life. i hope i will get to know a lot about writing and other things from this platform.

So, Lets just celebrate Life and get creative.

Happy reading and writing!


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