a gentleman from Canada

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"You want something. You go get it. Period ~Will Smith~"

Yeah, my name sounds like a brand of jam, but it happens to be what my friends call me all the time, so it's my nickname. Well, I'm just an ordinary guy from a cold place in Canada trying to learn for myself where my place in the world is. I have some sort of idea what I can do, and what good I've done so far, but I can't stop there! I'm hoping with this writing a friend suggested, I'll be able to clear my mind and discover who I am.

I enjoy gaming out, whether it being Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty, or Final Fantasy. I love them all. I also like to read, series like Harry Potter or Airborne or even Percy Jackson. But most of all, I love daydreaming. That's what my original nickname was for myself, Daydreamerdude, because I often found myself imagining myself in strange senarios. What if I was on Destiny Islands? What if I was being scientifically tested on? What if a zombie apocalypse began? I dreamed what would occur in these senarios all up in my head, but was unable to get them down on paper. Now, I can let the ideas flow, and hopefully one or two of the ideas would tickle your guys' fancy.

I must be truthful, I've had my fair share of embarassments, but also had my fair share of glories. I'm just trying to find my place in the world, and if I can help you do the same, then I've found my calling.

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