a 20-year-old dudette from (not so) Lovely Leeds, England, United Kingdom

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"'Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains' - Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels"

I know this is a horrible and annoying trait for a writer, but I have a very frustrating habit of starting stories and never finishing them. So most of my stories I will start solo, but turn them into collab later. But enough of my very blatant advertising. Here's some stuff about me:

I am 14 years old (but apparently was born middle-aged)

*update on the hair situation* - my hair is now straight and black (as opposed to my natural curly brown hair) and is completely awesome!! (see picture). Sorry, had to share that with you. My hair has been a source of torment all my life...

I am sick to the back teeth of vampire stories (just because everyone seems to be writing about them and it is getting very dull)

I love crime fiction and historical fiction:) My favourite authors have to be Alexander McCall Smith, Jackie French, Fred Vargas, Ian Rankin and Robert Muchamore. 

Most of my stories will not be set in England, as I hate it here. I am dying to write one set in Australia, as I recently went there on holiday and have made it my goal to move there. But although England is the most boring place in the world, I will defend people from Leeds and any other assorted northerners, as everybody thinks they are dumb.

My nickname at school is 'brainbox' owing to the fact that I have an ability to remember the most random stuff that nobody else would have any use for (like german grammar rules)

I think that is about it. You have probably guessed by now that one of my hobbies is writing and another is complaining. Oh yeah, and here are my stories. All of them are not finished, but The Angel's Curse is a work in progress. Children of the Streets was a dead end, but oh well.

The Angel's Curse (solo)

Children of the Streets (solo)

The Unit (colab)

Identity Crisis (poetry colab)

Greystone's World (solo)

(sorry, the links didn't want to work)

cheerio then :D

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