a 23-year-old cat from North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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"'Sapientia potestas est' (Knowledge is power)"

Welcome to the profile of the three incarnations of the Silver Hakala, of the Boundless and Immortal Hakalain Empire.

Alternatively, we can be known as Captain Cat of the Scarbenders; Sarunara Surana, Harrowed Mage of the Fereldan Circle of Magi; Hannah, vampire and advocate of the power of knowledge; or simply as the Queen of Dreams, daughter of the god Guthix and Seren, crystal goddess of the Gielinorian elves.

We live in a world of our own, far away from the dreary plane of twenty-first century Earth. I and my cousins Skulsvar and Maakir rule the most wonderful imperial continent created from the pure matter of our combined imaginations. We travel to many different worlds, and go by many different names, but we are always there, a guiding hand to the forces we stand beside.

For example, I have recently visited the continent of Ferelden for the sole purpose of saving the kingdom from the hordes of ravening Darkspawn and the paranoia of the King's murderer and the Regent, Teyrn Loghain. I have also spent three centuries guiding the world of Aia, through the hands of the Pendragon family and their allies, lately masterminding the marriage of Mel Darkthrop and Edward Pendragon after their love blossomed as we raced to save the world from the plans of my ex-vampiric friend's brother.

Cousin Skulsvar is a necromancer of great repute, and the Golden Hakala. He shadowed the boy who would become Belgarion, and observed the momentous events that unfolded culminating in the death of a god and the crowning of a new deity. Afterwards, he dragged the soul of Torak across the void between dimensions for what he calls 'a chat'.

Maakir is the Bronze Hakala and the tactical genius behind the success of the New Scarbenders and the fall of the old and corrupt Empire to the chosen saviours on yet another world. His falcon form is an inspiration to thousands as he soars, and as the Jester of the Night he stealthily assassinates those who require inhumation.

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