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My eyes are white, with a tint of bluish gold.
My coat is gray, with splatters of white.
My body is muscled, with only enough fat for warmth.
My legs are long, for easy running.
My teeth are sharp, the perfect weapons.
My soul is wild, no need for structure or safety.
My family is far-spread, with no need for government.
I am Leader, enforcer of all laws.
I am the Wolf, and you cannot tame me.

Now that you've read that little poem lets get down to business!

Likes: chocolate, friends, faeries, wolves, guitars,  sleeping in, computer, reading, writing, movies, archery, warm weather, pizza, ninjas, pirates, vampires and etc

Dislikes: Twilight, skinny jeans, Math, coconut, and some other things that have yet come to mind.

Well now that you've gotten to know me a little bit more I'll just stop rambling now so you can get on with your day.

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