a chick from Stielacoom, WA, United States

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"Young Allie: [lying in the middle of the street] What happens if a car comes? Young Noah: We die. ~The Note Book"

My name is Lissyette and I write like most people breathe. Sometimes I think that the way I see the world and other people see the world are completely different, like I see it there a camera or think about my life in 3rd person. I am slightly obsessed with love, even though I really haven't found anyone for me yet. (Well except for a guy I'm way to scared to talk to...) I am way to nice for my own good and my friends often use that aginst me. (Seriously! My gym teacher won't le me be 'it' in tag anymore cuz I don't want to hit people!)  Lissyette is not really my name but it sounds so cool that I use it as a pen name.

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