a 25-year-old ragamuffin from London, United Kingdom

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"You blame me for the way I live, but it was this or a corpse. I wonder if you'd live it any differently in my stead." ~Left, from The Light of the Day

Hey there, I'm Saren (often known as Orrien, but feel free to call me whatever you like). I'm 18 and currently studying English literature, media studies and art. I hope to go to Newport university to study film and video and eventually do something in the media industry.

I like to write and draw. A lot. However, I know I have a lot of scope to improve in both departments, so any and all help is appreciated.

Well now, seeing as I've been made a Featured Author, I thought I should update my profile a little for visitors. ^^

My favourite works (of my own, I mean):


My first (and for a long time, only) collaborative work on here. It's a YA fic based around a bunch of hackers on a site called Sanctuary, and it's starting to get really interesting, so give it a read!

The Light of the Day

This is my main story at the moment, and the one that I'll be attempting for NaNoWriMo this year, so crit is MUCH appreciated. <3

The Before

Deleted Scenes

These were just experimentations with the characters of TLOTD, and I'd really like people to jump in.


This is my favourite poem that I've ever written, so it would be nice if it got some love (no ratings, no comments so far)!

Saren's Random Poetry

This is very much a mixed bag, some that I like and some that I wish I hadn't written. Either way, crit is good. (Link is to one of my personal favourites). After The Operation is also one of my faves.

Clinging On

This doesn't get many hits because it's fanfiction for a fandom that almost nobody has heard of. Even so, most of it can be understood without knowing the background of the story, and I'd like some critique/comments.

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