just a kid from Gotham City

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i'm completely obsessed with anything to do with the Twilight Saga and it's a shock when i talk about anything else. i find silences hilarious, and i usually shout 'Batman' to fill them. i write stories all the time, but i've not finished one yet ^^ if i didn't have the Twilight saga and the House of Night books i don't know where i'd be. i love english. i quote everything all of the time, i love it when words fall in with you. i go from one thing to another pretty fast; i hate boredom. i generally forgive pretty easily; i'm far too gullible. i tend to do things before i think about them; it makes life more interesting. i normally start screaming and jumping up and down whenever i see a silver volvo... well, you never know ;) i'm really small, i'm pale, i'm always cold and apparently my eyes change colour... is it really any wonder why i love the Cullens??? i change my favourite Cullen everyday; they're just too amazing to choose between! the list of my obsessions grows every day, but Twilight's always at the top. i got Twilight two days before it officially came out in England and i'm strangely proud of it. i'm essentially an extremely selfish person; i'm the only one that cares in the slightest about me, so i've become rather self-centered and i love it.

i'm Sarah Helen Isobel; it's nice to meet you :)♥

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