a female from NOWHERELAND, United States

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Hi. My name's Sara. And I like words. I like 'em in Spanish (aaa, ¡el castellaño!) and I like 'em in English even more.

Words are musical. Magical. Magnificent. Miracles.

Things I like other than words? Travel, music, sleeping and having crazy dreams, the ocean, laughing with friends about stupid things, and my computer, to which I am addicted.

Ever since I was three years old all I've ever wanted to do was write. But writing for me has always come in waves of creative productivity-- stages in my life I can't stop writing, and new ideas constantly pop into my head. Other times my purpose is occupied by some other aspect of my life, or my mind is filled with my own problems.

Maybe this site will help get me back into my old ways, what is so near to my heart, a deep longing. Since before I could even spell out "story" I wanted to tell them. Write them. Share them.

I'm hoping protagonize will give me the chance to do that.

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