a 28-year-old dame

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"While I thought I was learning how to live, I was learning how to die.- DaVinci"

So tell you all a little bit about myself? Well, I'm the kind of woman who wakes up in the morning, staring at the elephant grey walls of my small apartment and that ivory pale ceiling fan that whirls in static motions above my head, thinking, in a constant way that has a certain kind of racing qualitiy- how I will make today special?

Maybe I am alone when I say this, or maybe my sweet cat is next to me purring with a sonorous mixture to it's voice, or perhaps, even better- a new lover lies next to me, comfortable between now cool sheets that are the hue of mom's buttermilk and as soft as my cat's constant heartbeat.

And I rise out of bed in one sweeping motion, mussed morning hair trailing behind me and make my way to the bathroom like a new born baby gazelle born in the hot African sun. I face the mirror, quite suddenly, and smile and begin to apply slick makeup on to be beautiful today.

I will then gently plop down at my table and sit for a cup of green tea while I listen to a baby cry somewhere from afar, the frustrations of a new couple just starting out, and the laughter of an aged fellow enjoying sugar free chocolate.

That is me. Thank you for your time.

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