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"Authenticity is the elixir of life. (Sheila Callaham)"

When I was nine years old, I remember an elderly distant relative committed suicide on Christmas day. Even though I didn't know her very well, I wondered what small thing could have have been said to make her believe that life was worth living and how much pain her immediate family must have felt because they didn’t think to say it before it was too late.

Sometimes, childhood memories stick and sometimes they even predict who and what we become later in life. While I wish there was a single “aha” moment about how I came to be who I am and do what I do, the truth is that my evolution was just that -- an evolution. For me, I wallowed for years in places that didn’t feel good because I had not yet stepped into my state of readiness for what was next.

Now I’ve learned that if I follow my instinct, and believe in myself no matter what, I move forward. When I doubt myself and make decisions based on other’s beliefs in my capabilities and promise, I lay stagnant.

I'm committed to inspiring others to live with joy and happiness while being all that they can be. This starts with myself, then extends to my family, friends and readers. This is important to me because I have always been on a search for my own truth. I’ve wanted to turn myself inside out to get to the core of who I am and I believe that is vital to living my authentic, fulfilling, joyful life. I know that others feel the same way and if there is anything in my experience that can positively impact others then I feel morally obligated to reach out with my message. To touch a person here and a person there to slowly, one by one, spread loving kindness.

Truth Runs Deep, a work of crime fiction is my first published book. I loved the process of writing fiction with a message about the importance of love and acceptance.

My current writing project is spiritual nonfiction where I will share a very personal side of my spiritual evolution in my book titled Stories from Spirit. You can look for it in December 2012!

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Sheila Callaham worked in communication roles in both the public and private sectors for 24 years before pursuing her writing dreams. She lives in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband, four of their seven children, four dogs and a dozen chickens. 

Follow her on Twitter @ sheilacallaham.

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