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"'Doors are for people with no imagination.' ~ Skulduggery Pleasant"

Hi! My name's Sam. Well, that's my pen name---but I go by that a lot too. So call me Sam!

I write to let out my thoughts and feelings and to live through others and the escape and to go on adventures and to give birth to people and then to kill those people and I write to just . . . write. I write because writing is home for me. The characters I create are there for me when no one else is, so I can't just leave them . . . because they're family. And I couldn't ask for more.

I hope you take a moment to drop a line saying 'Hello!' or 'Bonjour!' or 'Hola!' (mind you, I'm not good at Spanish). I always try and reply to make another friend! Also, what kind of writer doesn't love to talk to other writers?

To anyone who reads any of my work: Thank you so much! I love it when I get a comment or critique--whether it be harsh or helpful! I don't mind harsh comments, because at least I made that person feel something when reading my work.

Thanks for reading this,

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