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Well, what do I write? I always find it amusing how someone who is so passionate about writing always has so much trouble when it comes to writing in these profile things.

Well, as you already gathered through my membership of this site, I love writing. And reading. In school, I was perhaps the only person who actually ENJOYED writing essays, which makes me a little weird. And, my favourite essays were those in English class, writing about the books we were reading.

Essays aren't what I write any more, though I do intend on writing a few pieces on some of my favourite books - I will get around to it at one point, I am sure. Nowadays, however, I write mainly fiction. Specifically fantasy, though I do occasionally dabble in science fiction.

In recent years, however, my writing has all been in the form of text-based roleplaying - which is essentially also collaborative writing. Perhaps also the reason i joined this site.

My intentions on here? To write stuff for other people to get involved with. I like being able to work with other people whilst writing stories, and this looks like a great place to do it.

I've started babbling, I've noticed. So I shall stop now.

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