a 19-year-old dame from An enchanted forest., United Kingdom

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"❝ no! you can’t just tear it up and start over! it may not be perfect, but nothing is. so you make the best of what you’ve got! when things go wrong, you have to try and make them right. and you have to keep on trying, no matter how hard it gets. that’s what life is all about. even when you’re all alone, you can’t give up. sooner or later, someone’s sure to come along. i met pea, didn’t i? and she… well, she’s a part of you. life’s never perfect… it’s always changing. meetings… farewells… happy"

I love food, fantasy, and cats.
Feel free to message, whether its just a friendly talk, or if you'd like to collab together, I am currently still only a novice writer, but I hope to get some more experience within this website!

I am a 17 year old studying Animal Management Level 3, and also hoping to do a games development course so..wish me luck :)

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