a 19-year-old shorty from The Ruins of my Mind, United States

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"We're all a little mad here."-

Hiya, so glad you could come and join me here. On this... Lovely page? Yeah.. I don't think I'll ever been good at these things.

So! Im Sm, feel free to call me that or some other Nickname you can think up.. I was dragged here by the Lovely Shally16, shes been nagging me to get on and I finally gave in, lol!

If you really want to know, I've been writing for close to seven years. (Wow. That's crazy.. I feel so old saying that..) It all starting because of Rick Riordan(author of the Percy Jackson series) and Christopher Polini ((author of  The Inheritance Cycle). I thought at my little age of twelve, if they can do it why can't i? So there it all started! I literally picked up a pen and statred scribbling down ideas all over everything. Needless to say my wasnt happy with not only doodles in the mardrins of my note books but now saying and ideas for books. 

If youre going to continue reading thing this, I should tell you im a terribly speller. (Is that how you say that? Idk. Don't mind me..)) So expect to see many mistakes. Feel free to point them out. Id rather you tell me and I can fix them, then having a tone of miss spelled words everywhere.

Usually if Im not writing then im working on some art prodject. Im almost fully certain that im going to go into college for a BA in Arts so wish me luck on getting accepted into a school. 

90% you can find me with a book on my person at all times. And my frieneds like to laugh about how much of a Bookworm I am. My mother shakes her head at the piles of books I have stacked around my room. 

Last but not least Netflix is BÆ. He and I have a long standing relation ship of late nights and all nighters. He never ceases to bore me becuase he always has something new to show me xD

Alright I'm pretty sure you've gotten an idea for who I am now a few of my favorite titles...


Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan 

The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Polini 

The Wheele of Time by Robert Jordan/ Finished by Brandon Sanderson <3 - this is probably the best group of books I've ever read! Check them out!

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Myer

The Selection Series by Kira Kass

The Harry Potters by J.K. Rowling. She is so awesome!!!

Beastly by Alex Flinn 

Fallen Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes - I stumbled upon these books by accident and was taken by surprise! 

The Gallagha Girls by Ally Carter

The Heist Society by Ally Carter.

Maximum Ride By James Patterson  The first three books are the best. The last ones your just like "James!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"

As you can see I love many differnt ones and I could go on but I won't bore you with that. 

TV Shows


White Collar

Teen wolf -Dylan O'Brian is Bæ! And I think I'm cheating on Netflix... Oops.

Gilmore Girls

Once Upon a time- Captin Swan FOREVER!

The Dick Vandike Show

Kim Possible!

Phill of the Future

That So Raven

lol and lots more, but I dot have time to sit here and name them all to you. 

I think that's me in a Nut shell... So feel free to ask me questions it just say hey! I dont bite.......Usually ;)



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