a 24-year-old girl from NC

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"In a world, void of heart and feeling, I believe that we are the torches in the dark" -Rise Against, Torches.

I am a Navy Corpsman, stationed on Camp Lejeune. My passion is to one day be a public speaker. I want women to stop focusing on thier body image and thier weight. I am a very oppinionated person. For a year now, I have been going through intensive pshycological therapy. I used to be dangerously depressed, and I thought I would never make it. Luckily I did! I use the life battles that I have gone through so far, as inspiration to write. I am Terrible at grammar, but I feel I am on the right path of creativity. I am a brand new writer and by no means expireinced. I hope to hear some honest reviews from writers everywhere!

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