a cat from the United Kingdom

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(Just to clarify, my gender is "Kitty", but that isn't on the list)

These are a few of my favourite things:

Favourite season - Autumn

Favourite band - Radiohead, probably...

Favourite song - Too many to list right now

Favourite letter - Maybe E, or maybe Y...

Favourite number - 21

Favourite age - 7

Favourite colour - The orange-ish colour the sky goes at sunset sometimes.

Favourite religion - Wicca, Satanism, Budhism, The Church of Google...

Favourite word - Sihra

Favourite book - Ooh I'm not sure...

Favourite stereotype - The misfit.

Favourite sexuality - Pyrophilia

Least favourite prejudice - People that cut themselves, are depressed or try to commit suicide are emos trying to get attention.

Least favourite sexuality - Nah, they're all good.

Least favourite book - Ooh I'm not sure...

Least favourite word - I hate gender pronouns.

Least favourite religion - The religions that don't really believe in anything.

Least favourite colour - Nah they're all good.

Favourite weather - Rain.

Favourite time of day - As it is getting dark.

Favourite way to end a profile description - Can't think of anything good but this is slightly witty I suppose.

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