a 25-year-old gentleman from Dublin, Ireland

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"In dreams and visions lie the greatest creations of man, for on them rests no yoke of line or hue. -H.P. Lovecraft"

My name is Sean and I currently reside in the festering urban Hell of Dublin, Ireland. I am young 'un and I like to think I'm a harmless eccentric. I enjoy and horror and fantasy for the most part, a little sci-fi and not much else. I am an aspiring writer of weird fiction in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft, but there's a bit of M.R. James and Robert. E. Howard in there, too.

Influences for horror include Lovecraft and M.R. James mainly, byut sure, there's some Stephen King and maybe Poe? Fantasy influences are, of course, Robert E. Howard and the Elder Scrolls series of videogames. Not Tolkien so much, surprisingly.

Predominantly a fan of metal (mainly black metal, oh yes), but there's a ton of fillmusic, ambient, electronic stuff - a little of a lot.

I am currently enamoured with a Canadian girl and it's set to stay that way for eternity, by the looks of things.

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