a 27-year-old guy from Mumbai, India

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"It’s OK to get angry with God. He can take it."

As in everyone's journey they make mistakes , learn lessons , and realizes what they are and where they stand . similarly i could have been an Army personnel , a Doctor , a Biomedical engineer , a Nano biologist , a Software developer or a Manager , but i realized that's not what my story is about .

My story is about stories , stories that will hopefully be read and loved by people from all over the world oneday ...... but that is too far for right now . I love dreaming , thinking and coming up with ideas and stories , sometimes ok sometimes plain ridiculous. but you have to be ridiculous to be creative right .

I am in the middle of my journey right now , the part where a character has just learnt what is right for him and what is not and has to udergo a change . I still have to make a name for myself , i am on my way .

on personnel level i love football(soccer) , Chelsea F.C. is my favorite club . Frank Lampard is my favorite player . best actor Shah rukh khan(Bollywood), Johnny Depp(Hollywood). Favorite director James Cameroon . Favorite writer(male) J.R.R Tolkien , (female) J.K Rowling . And my idol sir Leonardo Da Vinci .

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