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Hi! Nice to meet you!

I'm only working on one story at the moment and you're welcome to read what's there so far and to join in. ^_^

And the newest one, you're welcome to read and comment on. =3  Gives me something to think about. ^_^

And I've posted another, a fanfic, if anyone's interested. =)

I'm glad I've got a wierd imagination... XP

Anyway, I don't often come up with stories, but if I get inspiration, I can come up with loads of ideas, even if I never get around to actually starting the thing... =/

Anyway, since I've been able to read since over 10 years ago, I've been making up stories since then, and I would love to become an author.


Anyway, I'll stop squawking on and on for now, and I'll talk to you soon. ^_^

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