a chick from Plymouth (England), United Kingdom

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"I chew furniture when I'm nervous!" (Grover the Satyr from The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan).

Hi, new to this site and evidently useless with technology... I am an A-Level student, doing courses in Drama, History, Photography and Classical Civilization. I first discovered my love of writing about three years ago when I did a creative writing story for my English class. Since then, I have written several books (each with several drafts) but have yet to publish them. Is my literary work worth publishing, I honestly don't know but I can't contain all of the stories in my dreams/ day dreams so I have to let them out somehow right?

When I'm not writing, (which comes after I have scaled coursework mountain) I like to read or play the guitar. I'm not so good at it, but I'm getting there... My mother would probably say my biggest hobby is sleeping... Haha. 

Anyway, to the good stuff (I hope)!

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