a 23-year-old girl from canterbury, uk, United Kingdom

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"Through the fingers that adorn your tiny hands, U hold true beauty! Your stroke equally bright as a painter and as poet! With such talent, one needs no answers in life cos it doesnt matter on which side we find our selves! Be it on the saner side of life where normality holds little sense or on the brighter side where sanity and conventionality is ever more disputed! U are a real gem And its an honour to have met and befriended u! by someone who read my work!!"

Umm, hi im Rosie. Im 15 and have alwys loved writing! I dont think im any good, but everyone says i have promise! ??? ok then. im currently writing maybe 5 different stories, and ahev written about 23 short ones! i hope u like what i write, but feel free to write critisism or advice, i want to get better and learn anything that will help me improve :D x

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