a lady from Enfield. London, United Kingdom

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"you know what the chain of command is? Is the chain im gonna beat ya with until you understand im in ruttin command!"

Hello, my name is Rossmonster and i live in London. Well, near London. Same thing really. I've strayed into writing after years of fanfic, and ive finally decided to get some of my own story's and characters out of my head and onto paperr/word processor.

Up until the age of 10 I thought 'Ninja' was a viable career option, and i still hope that one day it may come true. But until then i have a few hopes for my future. I want to work in a starbucks for a period of time, just because ive had many good times in starbucks and maybe because im hoping staff get discounts. If anyone ever wants to find me, im either in bed or in starbucks.

I also hope to work in movies and theater, not as an actor though ive always wanted to, but as a cotume designer due to the sense of satisfaction i get when something i make comes out quiet Shiny.

Speaking of shiny, its one of the words that i use ALOT. Similarly, i tend to use epic, win, for the win, and lies! a bit too much as well.

Hopefully, i will find some time to kick my muse into gear, pull myself away from the chocolate long enough and keep my attention span focused enough to get some work up here. But i will probably start with a bit of fanfiction to get a feel for this site.

Cia %@^@@esi

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