a 27-year-old grrl from Stanford, United Kingdom

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Meow :)

Howdy folks! I'm Rosie :)

I've only recently got into writing things, so please don't be too harsh, I'm quite the novice :).

I wish I could write as well as some of the people on here. If I do start to think of a story to write, I'm worried people will think its stupid and really bad, and sort of cower away. :/ Should probably sort that out haha.

I really like reading some of the stories posted on here, and would perhaps like to participate in some when I get better at writing... But for the moment I'm quite happy sitting here enjoying other peoples creations, and writing the odd little poem/ story.

I really enjoy drawing and photography,  like, they're my passions, :) so when I read stories on here that give me clear images in my head, I tend to love them because I like to imagine what they look like ,hehe :B.

I also like poems/ stories that are visually interesting. They catch my eye and I enjoy reading those too.


... And any story or poem that makes me giggle is an instant hit. :D

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