a girl from the kingdom of Mercia, United Kingdom

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"Theres no point letting the world know of your problems, because everyone has their own problems too."


I like to say I live in the kingdom of Mercia, because it sounds cooler than britian. Im mostly english, part welsh. I live on the outskirts of a rural town near lots of farms.

Me and my parents {Sometimes my sister too :)} go to greece many years, although mostly we stick to the rural areas. Ive never been to Athens, but would love to go one day. 

I speak French {NOT Canadian.}, German, English and a little Greek. My Greek is mostly limited to ordering drinks and greetings, though. 

Genres and fandoms

Right now, Lord of the Rings, Merlin, Percy Jackson, Legend of Zelda.

My favorite genres are basically fantasy, action, adventure, and fantasy. Yes I know I said fantasy twice.

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