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"If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time or tools to write." -Stephen King "Every pizza is a personal pizza if you work hard enough and believe in yourself." -Unknown "If you know the above two quotes, you know me." -Rose Brennan

Swiggity switer, I'm a writer. No please don't leave! Sorry about the beginning, I'll refrain from doing that again.

My name is Rose. Others call me Ro, but only if we're tight like that (if you've read a sentence of any of my works, we are in fact "tight like that" and you can call me whatever you damn please). I'm sixteen, unemployed, and currently enrolled in a Catholic high school, which has good and bad parts to it (all of my irl friends=good; uniforms=bad). I love to read almost as much as I love to write. I fangirl over all things Harry Potter as well as Romantic and Victorian era poets. I also like movies way too much. I have stayed up watching Disney movies until 3am multiple times on VHS (the CORRECT WAY). I also love drama (as in plays and stuff, I can't stand real life drama) and it is my dream to one day play Columbia in a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast...because I like Rocky Horror. Don't judge.

Not only do I write, I also edit. Please do not be shy about asking me to edit spelling, grammar, content, etc. I will NEVER be an ass about grammar and spelling when I'm reading a story, unless you ask me to edit your story. Then I will be a little bit of an ass, but only because I love your story deeply and want the best for it.

I won't update very often because I suck and get writer's block. So please nag me to update. But I also have a life. High school student/part time writer/fangirl/playlist composer. As said before PLEASE leave feedback, even if it's negative. I want to be a better writer, and I can't get any better with a review like "good job lol". So...welcome to my brain. Fair warning: I'm kind of insane.

Now, onto some of the good stuff (or stuff I'd like to think is good...maybe you can let me know)

I am Woman, Hear Me Rant: Basically a rant about how women are treated unfairly by society (completed on my part, but collaborative, so feel free to add how society has mistreated you)

Pray It Away: A fiction story with a lesbian protagonist who finds herself in a very difficult situation when sent to a religious rehabilitation center for sexual deviant teens. (in progress)

Demons: A story about two lost souls who draw closer to each other by combatting their respective demons (in progress, collaboration with Sycamore)

Bare Feet On The Bedroom Floor: A writing exercise about the power of music in which contributors make an album about their life according to themes provided in the exercise (completed on my part, but collaborative, feel free to add to it)

Scars : An essay dedicated to a dear friend, which talks about the consequences of suicide. (completed)

Max Bishop: Murdering the Game: A modern retelling of Shakepeare's Macbeth. (in progress, collaboration with erfranco)


Authors you should pay a visit to

Sycamore: A big motivator whom I am currently collaborating with. Please do check out her wonderful romance, The Somnambulist.

GardeniasCastle: The first person who ever talked to me on this site, and a fabulous writer, at that. Her mafia series, which starts with In Love with Mafia's Son, shouldn't be missed.

Nerathul: A pro writer who has helped immensely with my story Pray It Away. Please check out her works!

erfranco: An irl friend that I dragged here by force willingly. Memories in Shadows is taking a very interesting turn, so give it a go. Also writes some kickass poetry. We have a collab in the works, so stay tuned for that!

Immzie: A writer whose poetry really makes you think. Most definitely read Not So Fairy Tales, it adds a new twist to the stories we all know and love.

danielthomasmcdonald: The guy who brought me here in the first place. Give him a thank you by reading some of his slammin' poetry. My personal fave is Lust.

Well thank you for listening to my rambling. RoseBrennan out.

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