a 32-year-old dude from Kitchener, Canada

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"My whole life has been a million to one shot," Anthony Francesco Sicilia

Well I don't have much to say, but if you really want to know me, here's me in a nutshell. I am inspired by many things, music, movies, sports, and anger.

Now the first couple things among my list about liking movies, music and sports were probably a given right?

Then you read that I am interested by anger, and I bet most of you at this point are confused, your all probaly thinking how are interested by anger?

Well sit back, take a sip of your coffee or a bite of your donut well I give you an explaination of my theories on anger.

Anger is brought on by types of emotions and its that emotion that fuels my adrenaline. My quote, My whole life I have been a million to one shot, well that saying has never carried so much premise before then right now. I grew with an incurable diagnosis Cerebral Palsy. I was diagnosed at eight months old. I have endured 12 different forms of sugeries with each surgery doing somewhat more dammage than good especially as I got older and grew.

I grew up in a school enviroment that couldn't really get past the disabillity that I have.  I grew in a family enviroment that couldn't really cope with having a disabled child, I still look back and think about them , thinking to myself it might have been their biggest disapointment.

Even though I have the less diabillitating C.P. and I do have the full use of all four limbs and  of eyes, I can look at each member of my family and  can see the sheer disapointment in their faces.

I grew up wanting to be bigger than life itself, I knew that I had talents, just nobody ever took notice. I grew up admiring professional wrestling and their promances on camera.

I was fasinated by the abillity they had to entertain and shock the world on a daily basis.  I soon found that I loved to entertain. Now you have to remember I had C.P.With C.P. comes many therapists. One day back when I was 9 years old, my therapist and I picked up a camera and I started ramblng how I was the one person that was bigger than life. On camera, I often did reports on wrestling and sports. I think it was the best non therapy I ever recieved because even for an hour or so daily I would forget about having a disabillity and just be human like the rest of the world.

To show you how music has inspired me I have written this.




in an era where technology seems to be taking over at every turn, one thing remains constant radio. Even the internet and TV satellites have Radio.  Radio has major pull when it comes to music.  On the radio you can always hear your next favorite song “in 30 seconds or less” as they quickly phrase these days. 



When it came down to me listening to the radio as I often did I would say I arrived just in time. I was born in 1985; I believe it was a good year to be born in because big bands with big hair would soon die out, and the grunge and punk would soon erupt onto the music scene. I would be born in a musical era where bands like, Metallica, the Offspring, the Ramones, Green Day and Nirvana would go down in history as revolutionary rock bands. In simpler words, they would be hailed as “ROCK GODS.”





I grew up in Stratford Ontario at the time there were  no FM station in Stratford. There was only CJCS 1240 AM Radio. I listened to the station for four reasons. 1. My mother wanted me to be introduced to music from Elvis, Chuck Berry, the Beach Boys and the Beatles. I believe it was her way of changing my style of music I enjoyed.  2. Believe it or not mother’s tactics of changing ear for good music seemed to work, my favourite oldies song that I first enjoyed hearing was Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Goode.  If you asked me why I loved the song, I guess I could say only this, “Yeah ok it was an old song but take a listen to that guitar, it sure beats a sappy love song or two.”  3. I wanted free cake! That’s right everyday I listened to radio hearing whose name would get the McDonalds birthday cake of the day. I was always jealous because it was never me.  4. I always enjoyed listening to CJCS in the winter time, because it meant the possibility of no school. Although my mother did try to kick my rock habit she couldn’t, I fell in love with it, Metallica Enter Sandman was the first song I ever sang to, I heard it on FM96. Or CFPL-FM. I was a 90’s kid after all, sure I grew up in the mid 80’s but Nirvana’s  All Apologies , Smells like teen spirit , The Ramones I want to be sedated, The Offspring’s Get a job, Oasis Champagne  Supernova’s and The Red Hot Chili Peppers Scar Tissue became national anthems for anybody that liked music.  I spent half my years in elementary school walking in the middle of the gym and opening school dances by head banging and melting minds on air guitar.  


            Through time I began to appreciate oldies music but AM stations couldn’t hold a candle to FM Rock.


1.                           Was I influenced by music, YES! That is evident.  I think the possibility that you can play music all day and get paid for it is cool and I want to be apart of it.


2.                           What do I bring to the table?


I have a passion for radio that burns so deep it touches the vary embers of my soul.  I have an energy that is only seen every 100 years.


3.                           Who runs Canada’s radios?

The CRTC: Canada’s Radio-Televisions Communications Company.


4.                           How is your depth in radio?

Everything I know in radio comes from hours and years of listening to radio stations like FM96, CJCS 1240 and CBC’s Radio one, Edge 102.1.


I would also like to give credit where it is due, Alan Cross ongoing history of new music is the reason I pay so much to music in general.


Previously I was a  Journalism student at Conestoga College, I would walk by the booths everyday saying to myself, “One day I’m going to be there.” I’ll get paid to talk and never stay quiet for even a single moment.” 


As I walked by those booths past the studios I noticed one thing, people were not paying attention to what was on the air.


I have come up with 5 ways to change that.


1.      Triple Threat Thursdays

3 songs by one artist get played every hour.


2.      Six pack Fridays

6 songs by one artist at six o’clock the listeners who guess the correct songs in order, would get a free pizza and sub deal.


3.      Free for all Fridays

The idea there is have listeners write a paragraph about why they would want to co-host the show.  (The morning hours)


4.      90’s Shine

 Play 10 songs by one artist and the listener who gets the artist and songs correct wins a free CJIQ-FM T-Shirt. On the back it would say “I love the 90’s.”


5 Monday Joltarama, play 4 songs on Sundays have listeners write down the songs and come Monday morning the listener with the correct answers receive a Tim Horton’s Card for a free large coffee or Ice-cap.



I believe I am an awesome candidate to lead Conestoga Radio to places it’s never been before and take it levels that people in the industry can only dream of. I believe that I can “light a fire underneath people’s bones.”

It seems kind of funny that I am writing an essay to prove that I want to talk and play music for my entire life.


Anthony Sicilia



If you want to know how I am inspired by movies, watch The Godfather.

Now I days I just live to proove people wrong at every turn.

Anthony Sicilia

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