just a female from Hightstown NJ

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"The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. No other than Albert Einstien could say that."

Hi! Don't we all have a similar story to tell about our life. Whether it's something about nature or family.About a love one. How we got interested in the things that make us who we are. I grew up in Brooklyn, I think that's when my words started to ramble on like story book I call myself Robin Rambles on. I love wording things that are unique also leave a flavor in your mouth, I love the stars and the moon I am a Virgo I love to create I am an artist I sing Pop, Rock Alternative and I talk a lot in my videos telling a story.I also a lover of the darkness when the moon sets in perfectly my videos are homemade I put a lot of work into them to bring it 2 life. So just get yourself in a serene atmosphere and let me Fly Robin Fly.

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