a 19-year-old female from The middle of nowhere, United States

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"In real life, your possibilities are limited by things such as physics. But in writing, you can burst the bands of physics. In writing, you possibilities are limited only by your imagination. -Clarissa Hansen (unless I accidentally stole it from someone else)"

I love writing, whenever I get the time. The only problem is, I never have time. I don't have a specific genre, it's just whatever comes to my head at the moment. I have been writing for quite a few years, since about sixth grade. Thankfully, I have improved a tom since I started. But I could still use a lot of improvement. My biggest focus is short stories (though they rarely end up being very short), but I also write the occasional poetry if I'm in the mood. I love Disney, and have recently ventured into writing Disney fanfiction. I have written many other stories, but I don't want to post them online because they're not very good. I'm not very good at these profile things. It's like seriously, where do I draw the line between what to share and what not to share? I have ADHD, so my stories might jump around and make no sense at times. It I start jumping around in my writing, let me know. Also, if I don't post in a story you're following just comment on my page and I'll get around to posting. I just forget. A lot. I have joined this website several times, but have deleted accounts for various reasons. This time I hope to stay so I can post my writing, join some collaborative writing, and have a fun time. I also hope that through this website I can improve my writing in ways I couldn't with the few people I have reading it. (Thanks various family members who I constantly bug to proofread my stories) I hope I don't have to bug them anymore. Anywho, thanks for venturing onto my profile and  I hope you stick around to read my stories! I could really use the constructive criticism. :)

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