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"Does this have to be from a book? If so probably... He took my hand moving it from his lips, but holding it to his face. "I love you. It's a poor excuse for what i'm doing but i still do." It was the first time he ever said he loved me in so many words. -Edward Cullen Twilight...(shut it)"

Well, where to start. Firstly, i LOVE the book Twilight and i mean LOVE!!! It 'tis the best book ever written. New Moon and Eclispe are awesome to. Breaking Dawn the forth and final book of the series will be the sad ending to my happy Twilight life. I love the color pink, right now you're probably thinking. "She's from Cananda why isnt she spelling it coulor?" I'll tell you why...I like it more this way. My favorite animal is an elephant then a bunny. I want a pet bunny named Edward (yes it's in realation to Twilight) that's white. Well, ya that's about all to say 'bout me.

Ps. I like writing lol :P

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