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I don't usually fill up this part of my profile, on any website. Except on Newgrounds, where I pretty much did something like this(The temptation after seeing "Blurb About You" next to the box in which I was supposed to write about myself):

"Blurbing blurbing. Blurb? BLUURB, blurb blurb! Blurb blurb? Blurb blurb, blurb blurb blurb!"

That was about a year or two ago. Obviously, my ability to write descriptions of myself has increased. Now, instead of 'blurbing', I am going to type whatever I feel you should know about me. You know, since thats what I'm supposed to do.

So anyway, I find that a lot of 'good' quotes seem to pop up in my life. Like for example, this one time I was playing a game of Chess and said I was going to use my King as my primary offensive piece. When I actually did it, the response I got from my friend was: "<Insert vulgar words here> he's really doing it!"

Which, if you were there at the time, and had listened to his tone, and had experienced  a bunch of other factors I'm too lazy to list, was really funny. Well, to me, at least.

Another thing about me is that when I start on something mildly interesting, I don't stop. For instance, this description of myself. I believe it hit the point where it became nonsense at the point where I started talking about how good quotes pop up in my life. Without further wasting your time, I will now get to the 1 paragraph in this entire description that can be considered 'good stuff'.

I will try my best to deliver anything even mildly entertaining, as I notice I have this tendency to bore people whenever I show what I write. Probably because I complicate simple things into something, halfway through, you would probably get fed up of reading.

Oh, yes, and one last thing. 99/100 of the jokes I make(Online) are going to be bad.

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