a 20-year-old person from Philippines

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"“Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.” -J.K. Rowling"

  1. I am Rica. Full name's Rica Mae Chua. I'm from the Philippines. And I love to write. It's just unfortunate of me to attend a college course that is way out of my likes. But it may be handy, so yeah, I'm trying to survive. I'm eighteen and I will be out of the university for a year. I believe that time will just fly as fast as we can ever say "Quidditch!" so I've been thinking why have I been so stupid to be on an apparently—a wrong course of my life when I could've picked something else that I will be happy to take for years— or for lifetime. But life is how we make it, isn't it? Even though I'm taking a path that I know I haven't really adored, I've always had the choice to shift back on the right track that will soon take me to my own wild dreams.

Now I am writing as I study business. Everyone thinks that I will be a successful business person in the future. But I'm thinking rather in opposed. I knew I will be much happier to write. And I know that it will take me to the right place.

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