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"I reject your reality and substitute my own!" ~ Adam Savage

    The world was such a nice place, and then I had to come and muss it all up.

    So hello, new world. Looks like you're next.

    I've been writing for quite some time, nearly as long as I've been reading, which as one might imagine helped my writing quite a bit. Many still say my words make no sense, tho', although probably for different reasons.

    With this new and -- as far as I care to know -- previously undiscovered combination of both reading and writing at my command, stories shortly followed... shortly. Thinking a work through from start to end seemed a fruit beyond my tantalized reach, and short stories stayed my style.

    That is, until I accidentally stumbled upon interactive hyperfiction some years ago, and since then, I've been trying to find a community that does it right. There are either too few authors in this oft neglected mode of writing -- which makes interaction and collaboration quite difficult -- or there are too many authors with too little skill and too little puncuation or other such failures to comprehend grade school grammar. Feh.

    I'm a fiend for grammar and literary devices in additional to the plain ol' sense. I simply detest the average amateur author style (too much description, tacked on emotion, and absolutely nothing happening) as well as idiot teenagers (not all of them -- just idiotic ones) who believe anything "random" is funny. I favor stories with that apparently lost art of cadence and pacing, and I prefer enjoyability in how something is stated, not just what is.

    In addition to writing, I also code and draw, both the latter as well as I do the former. So yes, as you may have guessed, I do suck at life. Quite badly. In all three areas, I hold humor and fantasy at the utmost, although I shall settle with anything not non-fiction, for the lack of a better term fitting "like the real world, but with swords and exploding things."

    Or booze. Every comedy can benefit from booze.


AIM and Y!M: BlueCladVagrant

Currently Reading: Ovid's Metamorphoses

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