a dame from Singapore

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"Ramen: my one and only comfort food. Yum!"

I used to be an anime blogger at THAT Anime Blog ( and I'm currently writing in Vampire Cravings & Writing Possibilities (just Vampire Cravings for short;, with an upcoming segment on its way.

I watch anime and read manga (duh, but not as often as it's in the past) in my spare time as well as coming up with random ideas for my stories. I hope to present my short stories first before posting a longer work which I'm still developing more on. Don't mind the weird sense of humor in my story. Can be kind of hollow at times.

I'm also here in Protagonize to improve my writing skills and hearing that there's a huge involving community in here I've realized that this is the best place to go if I want to get as much feedback as possible. 

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