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With such dark eyes, can you really see into my soul? Can you see the way I work for 'good' by using only dark magic? Or are your eyes closed so you don't realise the greatness of my power - the imagination, a splendor, all a-flutter on my eyelashes - that shows light reflects better in (or is it on) mine?  ----  That, or, you just see a set of dark eyes.

I'm not going to talk about myself yet, it's too much  waffle and slightly irrelevant at the moment.

I'm here to write, to create, to spread some inspirational... stuff... through stories. And probably stories I will not complete - as that's very much the way I get things done. Or not, as it seems.

I shall use this site to help me contine my writing. It's annoying but with constant incouragement I normally write more regularly. Which is very useful indeed.

Thus I have started my first lone story of : Blood, Guts, and Fur. a subtle blend of fantasy, magic, and unanswered questions that is wrapped within a plot, and tied prettily with good grammar and not alot of spelling mistakes.

I may start some others. That could include my unwritten comedies, my deeply-magical fantasies, or some light literature (in the form of a short story)...

Nah, scrap the last one in that list, I'll never submit any of that rubbish - it's not my style.

~ Retarded Pants, who beleives herself to be one of the most unfaithful authors/writers of all time :)... 

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