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"My Quote: If life gives you lemons, make grape juice. Then sit back and laugh as they try to figure out how you did it."

Last Up Dated: April 9, 2015

These are some of my stories, I will add them as they pop into my head, and thus, on this marvelous site.

I seem to notice a pattern. I love an idea, so I make characters and cultures and quirks and family and problems and, essentially, an entire world. Then, I will write in it for about ten days, then walk away to another needy topic.

I am told I am good at the beginnings of stories, grabbing the attention of the readers.

I am told I can breathe life into the most mundane tasks in the middle of the story.

I cannot, for some odd reason, end a story. I am not capable. Maybe it is because I love my characters. Maybe because the words, The End, Seem too final to me.

If you want more added to a specific story below, just message/comment/rate it, and it will draw my attention to it.Please check them out, if you have the time.....


  • Island of Fate about Klymenstra, Princess of Destiny.
  • #156, Florida Coast about Seraphena, A teenager who moved to Florida and likes to swim.
  • Changes about Kali, A strong individual that will never be normal.
  • The Past Is A Present (thinking of a new name) about Ambrosia, A girl with visions. Of the past.
  • I Don't Know about a girl with specified genes.
  • It Began With Nothing about how I think the world started...
  • My Life (Preveously called Dear Daddy) about my real life. Real feelings. Please don't think it is imaginary. I wish it was, but this is half my life.


  • Identical, But Different Six blond bombshells, that just happen to be sextuplets, making the best of a bad situation. - All spots filled.
  • Control A group of people trying to take over the world...... Spots open....
  • Telephone about one of my favorite games. Start with the sentence I gave you, And then go anywhere - Are you up for it? Unlimited pages, one time only
  • Southern Hospitality about being in the past. Southern USA has slave and is very Conservative - You think your an old soul??? Spots open...
  • Evaporated about A meteorite landing in a pool, and gives the teens inside it special powers - You know you always wanted to have powers.... 
  • Palace Full of Princesses about a Palace made for the safety of Princesses around the world - You are never to old to play Princess Spots open
  • Our Planet  about Poseidon giving his loyal Nymphs a planet all their own - Magic is fun to play with.... Spots open
  • Don't Piss Off A Goddess about Greek Goddesses and their lives - Post only if you know what you are talking about....
  • Inspired if you have a word of inspiration, share it here. lighten the world -Feel good.
  • New Life about strong figures starting life on another planet - Join in, Please! Spots open
  • The Most Random Fun You Will Eva Have... about whatever pops into your mind..... - Join in, Please! Doesn't require you to keep up...
  • Alphabet Stories  about random things that go in alphabetical order. Hard to explain. - Check it out, Please!
  • Bragging about being proud of who you are. - Share your pros with the world.
  • Sappy Rhymes About No One poems, they don't really have to rhyme, or be about no one. just as long as it is a poem and it is about love. I have no idea why I feel this, but I do....
  • I Am Me
  • Forever about a certain format of poetry. - Wanna try it out?

Characters in Other Stories (With Description Word)

  • Psychic Crash - Teenagers Aysh and Felek OVER
  • Palace Full of Princesses - Princess Aletheia
  • Our Planet - Royal Daughter Jambalini
  • New Life - Hobo Valencia
  • Moon of Saturn - Futuristic Terrabithia
  • The 12 Zodiacs - Virgo Vashti
  • Castle Life - Princess Zaria
  • Stranded - Small Coralyn
  • Evaporated - Changer Jaila
  • the worthy suitor - Prince Kaedin
  • Land Of The Dead - Dead Alice
  • Southern Hospitality - White Sandra Whithers
  • Diverse together- Perseptive Krystil
  • In the Spotlight- Spoiled Anika and Mute Ethana
  • New Earth- Smart Athena
  • I am the Apprentice- Firey Catalina

Ideas yet to be put on paper If you like the idea/want to join/want to help, please tell me, and I will focus on that.

  • Kaysi Bene- A middle school student that has an accident, increasing her senses. Based partly off of my life at school.
  • Lyric Ostalia Lowman- A character I started with my sister. We haven't yet come up with what will happen, just a basic bio.
  • The life of random items- Each chapter is about another common house hold item that the author writes in its perspective.
  • Perspective- I would give you a story, and each chapter would be the same story, but from a different persons perspective. One could be a birds, another a dog, another five could be different people watching. As it goes, more details would be added.
  • Save Me!!!- an evil genius trys to suck everyone into their dreams...... and I know what you are going to say. "Just change them!" but they can't. Another part of his plan. Locked in a room or in the middle of a chess board without knowing how to play. Somehow the dreams will be connected once you pass your first problem, and everyone will join together to find a way to defeat him, while still asleep...
  • Almost A Slave- About ancient Greece, in Athens, where a young girl is born in the wrong time. I don't mean that there is time traveling involved, but she is very strong headed. This is not good for her, since girls are supposed to listen and follow out their fathers and mothers wishes. Not follow their hearts.
  • In My Head- About all the characters that I have ever created living in my head and argueing in my head and getting along together (But that rarely happens).


If you read and comment/rate one of my stories, i will repay you by reading one of your stories. just write me a message telling me what you read, and what you want me to read. i will try to be as fast as possible.

ABOUT ME!!!!!!

I will always be me. If you don't like it, walk away...... ERRRR ..... click away ....

I am a person with some problems.

I occasionally spaz out, for no reason...

I am Jewish, And proud.

I am 5'1".

I am reading the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

My favorite song right now is Novocaine by Fall Out Boy

I would love if you could read my story, Island of Fate

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