a 20-year-old hobo from Iwishitwererussia, Canada

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"Your toughest critique is yourself ~ unknown"

       Hey there! My name is Jessi! I am a very hyper free spirit child that enjoys reading and writing dark poetry... I have problems in my life and most of my poetry talks about that though some of it is a bit exagerated!

       My grammer is horrible so please ignore that...But other than that I really enjoy comments and critiques so if you have time I'd appreciate it!

     Other than that i have alot of hobbies and no talents. My hobbies include writing, drawing, reading, computer, watching anime...etc.... I am a very good lisener and enjoy chatting to everyone...

       I am generally a nice person but am a bit...strange and sadistic on occasions...I also have ADD, minor dislexia, and am enimic....So yes I will sometimes be distracted quite easily but oh well what can I do anyways have a nice day!


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