a girl from the United States

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"If you're absent during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success -Will Smith"

Interesting facts about me!

I'm missing my upper left latteral (the one next to the canine tooth) and I have a false tooth

My house was hit by a tornado in may 2010

I'm an only child and only grandchild.

Okay. Here it goes. I love to write!! And I like to read even more. My all time favorite book is Divergent!! If you havent read this book yet then you should. you wont regret it!!

My life is crazy right now. Im going to try to write as much as possible. But I have major writer's block all the time so it takes me some time.

I have a youtube channel with my best friend AbbyLeigh98 and it's called mwuhahashow. We are planning on doing some book casts on our favorite books so check that out!! And become a fan of AbbyLeigh98. She is an amazing writer! 


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