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First of all, I am sick. I've been sick for a while without even knowing, and it got worse and worse with time. So I have been stuck in the house...which isn't that horrible, considering the weather hasn't been all that great yet. Leave it to Wisconsin to ruin the first half of your summer. =_=;

So this should give me the perfect opportunity to get some writing done, right? 8D


Because of course my laptop decides to go and ^!^@ itself up WHILE I am required to stay in the house and having nothing better to @!&$ing do. AHH WHAT PERFECT TIMING!

And now my laptop is fixed!! Hurray!

So NOW you think I have a great opportunity to continue my stories?!

Wrong again, bud.

To fix my laptop, the guy had to wipe ALL of the memory. From every last drawing I made on my tablet to every clothing item I downloaded from The Exchange on The Sims 3....all gone. :I Sooo...now I have no stories to continue, nothing.

Don't get me wrong I am sooo thankful to this guy who fixed it, because I had this...Windows...loopback or something idk. So when I turned on the device it would say this meaningless stuff and once it was done rambling it would say, "Please restart computer to finish." And when you press OK....the whole thing would start over again. 8D; No getting past the welcome page thingy. And the guy fixed it for free. So I'm happy about that. Buuut the memory thing kind of made me sad. :C

Hn... I suppose I do have the stories on here to work with. But that's it. Otherwise I have to start fresh.

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