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"What is written without effort is read without pleasure ~Samuel Johnson"

First off, I’d like to explain my handle name. I chose it based off of one the main characters in Lewis’ sci-fi trilogy (starting with Out of the Silent Planet) whose name is also Ransom. Lewis is one of my favorite authors. Part of what makes him an incredible author is that Lewis seemed to believe in his fictional stories as though they were an alternate reality- or, rather, reality itself. I believe that if you had asked him if Narnia was a real place he would have told you that, without a doubt, it was.

I do not know how long I have been writing. I know I wrote quite a bit when I was younger, but I never rewrote or perfected anything. I stopped writing for about a year and then recently have started to write again. I enjoy using Protag. because of the critiques I can get here- if you ever critique my work, feel free to be as harsh as you feel you need to be. 

I like writing short winsome pieces (such as Back in Kansas), but I especially like writing persuasive papers and fantasy/fiction writing that conveys a deeper meaning (like Lewis did in a lot of his works). I also really like classical literature. It would definitely be awesome if I could somewhat bring back that kind of literature.

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