just a chiquita from Narnia

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"If you gudge a fish on its abilty to climb a tree, it will go through its whole life thinking it s useless - Albert Einstein"

The bare basics: ... Rachie’s the name, and the 25th May is my day. Smiling is what I do, though I cant say I don’t cry sometimes too. I pride myself on being unusually unusual. I'm totally Zen. Bi till the day I die. Love is love. Listen to music with meaning... Hear the words. LIFEHOUSE!! Don’t be afraid; sing, dance, even if you’re the only one who hears the music. Telepathic. Oh yeah, believe it $@&&!. Together, my friends and me, we rule the world. Just a band of thieves  in our faded, torn jeans. Long Live! We all have scars, secrets, and we all make mistakes. Show them, they shape who we are.  Acceptance is the key, though rebellion is sometimes needed to achieve. Believe in what you believe. Don’t sway. I believe in imagination and change. Too many don’ts in this world, and in case you regret it. Do, in case you regret it. Movie fanatic, and critique. Saw Twilight once…. Bummer. Zach Galifianakis!! Best name ever. SHEMAR MOORE addict, as he is simply very sexy. I love words. Words are epic. Just out of Reach, The Removers, Thompson High. Co-founder of Carleton Smith, and co-writer of The Removers™ Collection - The Removers Generations™. Ally & Xander, Kestrel & Devlin, Jack & Rae, Aria & Ezra, Caleb & Hanna, Mulder & Scully, Wimpie & Katrien, Emily & Samara. Pretty Little Liars, Desperate Housewives, Criminal Minds, Modern Family. Ray William Johnson!!! A shout out to Missy-Moo, my little monkey. Jesmondene, my favourite friend. Please try to stay as little as you are. I miss you. "I have never let my schooling, interfere with my education," - said by a true genius, Mark Twain. Quotes! Love them. Groucho Marx, Mark Twain, George Orwell, Fred A. Allen, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Bo Bennett, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller... You get the picture. Always be prepared for a Zombie attack. Imagination is what built the world around us. Let it show in everything you do.

And finally.... I think Rock 'n' Roll is really funny when it's serious.

Peace out.

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