a 23-year-old dame from a room full of cellos, Canada

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"We're crossing and conquering countries, fantasy-lands, and imagination."

Hello there! I'm Mera and I love to write and read (whoa there, we have a common interest, so we must be BEST FRIENDS).

I'll mainly be writing from my blog, so check that out if anything interests you >.<

Feel free to your opinions, as I would love to hear them (they are my drive, so FUEL ME!), or simply drop me a hello :)

Mucho kisses (or hugs if you prefer),



Bless has become a project for me; something for me to attempt to complete and my first story goal. I have started other stories with the same goal of finishing, but alas, that has not happened yet, so this time (hopefully with your support!) I can complete Bless and have a long story tucked under my belt :) Wish me luck!

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