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Hello, welcome to my profile !

To give you a quick summary of who I am, I'm a literature graduate, translator/interpreter with French, and involved in various activities related to heavy metal music (album reviewer, festival worker and such). Other than that, I'm just a guy with a vivid imagination and a love for fiction of any medium, be it literature, movies, or video games. My interests range from sci-fi to horror, but if you want to be more specific:

What I like:

- Cyberpunk (William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Bruce Sterling...)

- Supernatural mystery, Gothic horror, or Lovecraftian horror

- Urban fantasy / Gothic punk (Vampires: The Masquerade for instance)

- Super-hero and vigilante stories

What I don't like:

- Heroic fantasy and some space operas... basically, I lose interest when the setting is too far removed from our world. I prefer fantasy to creep into our world rather than escaping to a fantasy world

- All romance. I always enjoy a romantic subplot as long as it remains a subplot

I grew up with the Superboy live-action series (so cheesy it's awesome!) and the Spider-Man animation, and I'm currently watching Arrow, so I'm quite into the super-hero concept although I don't read that many comics. I always wanted to try my hand at a super-hero teenage drama, and hopefully that's what I'll be able to develop here, but I can also try my hand at different types of story, such as sci-fi and horror.

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