a 19-year-old dudette from What for? So u can stalk me :p, United States

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"Life is too short to be taken seriously"

First things first.... I am very weird.... hehe.... My friends and I have so much fun being retards together.... like putting a bunch of matresses and pushing each other off.... hehe.... so, yeppers....

I wish to be a writer when I grow up.... I want to inspire people, or maybe just give them a good laugh (or make them stay up all might in fright :p) I might also want to be a language arts teacher.... I am not really quote sure, as I am not even in high school yet.... Just 7th grade :p

I want to travel the world: Climb the eiffel tower with my besties; Skydive somewhere; go to Greece and Peru.... and many other beautiful places....

A bit a backround info 4 ya :p

I have been writing since I was 4 years old, though I obviously couldn't ACUALLY put pen to paper very well, my ma did it for me.... I have a younger brother, but just by about a year.... I am very adventurous, perfect for the creek I have in my backyard.... I have many best friends, I think it is impossible to have just one :p And so yeppers.... OH and I make up random words and say them in place of "Crap" and "Snap" Examples: "Rats" and "Chipmunks"(Even though those are not made up).... "CrapaNoodle" and ect....

HOPE YA LIKE ME STORIES (and yes, I acually do know how to use real grammer) :p

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