an 18-year-old shorty from the United States

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"None of this will mean anything to us in ten years."

Hey! So, where do I start

Hmm.. Well, my creative (writing) mind began when I was about seven. I would buy hard cover notebooks and use them to write stories. Not very good ones, but ones with some imagination and potential to them. But as time progressed, I became a "masterpiece in the making" according to my Creative Writing teacher

Even though I am still fairly young - fairly meaning not even out of senior high - I still want to make something out of my writings. 

There is a downside to being a high school student and writing: it's not the only thing I enjoy doing. After my freshman year, I decided to get into film and production, and want to make future plans in that sort of college field. So, writing and movie making are my hobbies. Although, writing is much easier; movies have more worth... It only makes my decision harder.

My future is a puzzle unsolved.

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