a ragamuffin from Narnia, Canada

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"'My boyfriend told me to choose between him and the horse. I better go get my saddle...'"

Hmm... Little about me? Shure. Why not?
Well..... I think that its pretty obvious I love to write and read, due to me being on Protagonize. :)
I also Love horses -And Horseback riding. I ride once a week -Well, Last year I did. I was on a farm for quite a while, but still got to ride. Just not at the stable I usually ride at-.
Im also a very confusing person, If you have not noticed from above ^^^^.
Hm... What else?
Oh! I think Greek Mythology is amazing, and Romance books are even more amazing-er.
I have bad grammar.
I think we should have eight toes instead of ten.....
If everyone shouted at the same time, I wonder what would happen....

^^^Random stuff like thats always on my mind. Hence the name "RainbowBrain"... I never think straight. Im an ADD child. Gotta be moving 24/7.
Well, If you wanna' know anything more, just ask. I dont bite. I think. Well I'm pretty sure I don't because I've never bitten anyone before. Except my cousin.... But she was bugging me XD
Byee!!! <3

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