a 25-year-old broad from Port Moody, BC, Canada

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Well, I actually heard about this site from someone I met and I thought I'd check it out. I did and I ended up making an account!

I love to write and what comes out on my word document or on the piece of paper in front of me reflects my feelings. Most of my stories are written when I need an escape from the daily routine of school, homework, sleep and the overall life of a teenager.

My works are mostly about angsty teenagers trying to find themselves, suicide and horror. I haven't dabbled in comedy or happy endings much, but I love to read them. I'm at utter crybaby when I read something sad, but it's funny that I can actually write what others would describe as heartbreaking.

I'd love to find people to critique my work. Be harsh. To become a better writer, I can't survive on comments that praise my writing. I need feedback that will help me improve. But that being said, please don't be mean.

I'd also love to find people to just talk to. Most of my ideas come from the most random conversation I have with friends.


That's a little bit of me in a lot of words ;D

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