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"What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? - Jean Jacques Rousseau ************************************************** "Maybe when all was said and done, the imagination was the most powerful of all weapons. It was the imagination of the human race that had allowed it to dream of a life beyond cold caves and of a possible future in the stars." ---Dean Koontz ************************************************** "Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere." G. K. Ch"

Being called weird used to upset me, but not anymore. Exploring the stranger corners of the human psyche through poetry and story is my thing, and I am often kept awake into the wee small hours by the swarm of ideas that will not stop buzzing and biting. 

I am not a hopeless optimist, but neither am I a pessimist. The glass is both half empty and half full. I try to explore things through other perspectives and am always interested in a new take on something. Despite my intrigue with dark and morbid subjects I am generally a lighthearted person who will care about you until you give me a good reason not to.
I love poetry, psychology, horror fiction, fantasy, comedy, the paranormal, science, philosophy, and exploring the surprisingly thin line between what is creepy and what is hilarious and absurd.

Insanity, dreams, and frightening entities from other dimensions feature heavily in my works, many of them from a plane called The Void or Humanity's Canvas, a reflection of thought and emotion filtered through alien intellects.

Among my favorite authors are Dean Koontz, Stephen King, H.P Lovecraft, Thomas Harris, George Orwell, Edgar Allan Poe, and many of my friends both here and elsewhere.
Favorite music to listen to includes Evanescence, Black Light Burns, Nine Inch Nails, Muse, A Perfect Circle, Massive Attack, The Birthday Massacre, Chevelle, The Cure, Radiohead, Rob Zombie, Silent Hill's beautifully dark, atmospheric soundtrack...the list goes on.

My main project right now is Sunnygrove, a psychological horror/thriller set in a mental institution.

I have five excerpts posted so far, and may post more. 

Penelope's Cocoon: Trapped behind the walls of Sunnygrove Wellness Center, a catatonic girl named Penelope retreats into a world of her creation, but even that is no sanctuary. Her doctor is possessed by something that turns dreams into nightmares, something nourished by fear and pain. 

Under Their Skin: After a half-hearted suicide attempt, 15 year-old Amelia Whitewater finds herself in Sunnygrove. This shows one of her involuntary escapades into the past; or a surreal, distorted version of it.

And Here's Our Floor: Melissa Whitewater goes to see her sister at the titular institution and in the process gets caught up in a nightmarish episode with Dr. Schrader, a quirky, fun-loving psychiatrist who also happens to be possessed.

A Tune Forever Off : Dr. Beckman enters the abandoned house and finds Melanie, a former Sunnygrove patient whose inner turmoil calls out to him. Simultaneously welcoming and fighting the entity that has him under its thrall, he feels the man he used to be sliding away, but is it really such a bad thing if that man was a monster?

Fly Away, Little Fledgling: Autumn Cole opens up to Dr. Schrader in therapy, both about her own issues and her creeping suspicion that all is not right with Sunnygrove Wellness Center. Shortly thereafter, her plunge into darkness begins.

Some of my other stuff:

Spookymen: A story very slowly in the works about ancient bogeymen-like beings and the people haunted by them. 


New Minds: a semi-dystopian tale set around 2044. Still mostly in the brainstorming stage but I've already introduced some characters, concepts, and plot points. Focuses on artificial intelligence, controlling government and corporations, environmental catastrophe, and the ensuing battles for domination over citizens and resources. 

A Deal And A Handshake: Based on the internet-born legend of the Slender Man, a tall, spidery humanoid abomination in a business suit who stalks humans and drives them insane; or kills them, depending on the writer. Those who have "endeared" themselves to him often become proxies to do his twisted bidding, so I decided to write a story about that.

The Soul Screamers A short piece about a dreamer's journey into the Void to meet one of its inhabitants: the embodiment of despair and disorder.

I also have a few collabs.

Written In Stone About an ex-policeman turned traveling salesman who gains powers from an inhuman criminal and tries to ignore them until one night in a Kentucky motel, where hordes of demonic energy vampires run rampant. And he has to stop them.

Poetry with odd, absurdist twists and Lovecraftian humor. Wait, what?  Eldritch Haiku  Hilarity Haiku  Eldritch Christmas Carols 

The Eldritch Cooking Show  A hideous creature from another dimension hosts its own show on the food channel. Chaos and hilarity ensues.

And last but certainly not least a story of mine that Chaosbeing duplicated and edited long ago to turn into a collab. No one ever contributed, so if anyone's interested in adding, we'd both appreciate it.  Shadowwalkers: The Beginning

Read, comment, critique, fave, and I will do the same for you. :)

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